Decentralized Smart Contract Tradable Ecosystem of cryptocurrencies


Emereum Decentralized Smart Contract Tradable Ecosystem of Cryptocurrencies

Emereum ( EME ) is Decentralized Smart Contract Tradable Ecosystems of Cryptocurrencies , Which Can use for Crypto trade, Exchange & Secure your Crypos By Smart Contracts. It's Make Crypto-currency Very easy To use Globaly with our International( EME ) Credit/Debit Card .

Whay EME


A platform to do business that it is easy to use and that is secure. Where you can easily verify potential customers and suppliers’ reputation and where everything is public and on a trustable Blockchain. There are no hidden costs or surprises. No bank fees, no currency exchanges, no delays in payments, nothing. Payments are made instantaneously – and you can withdraw your payment immediately.

0% Fees and NO Hidden Costs

0% Fees and NO Hidden CostsOur platform allows you to participate freely. We charge no success fees for the platform, processing fees, no fees for mediators or taxes on funds raised.

Your Assets are Safe and Secure, With Us 24/7

Your Assets are Safe and Secure, 24/7 Your agreements are transparently recorded in smart contracts on blockchain, guaranteeing 100% reliability and honesty. Fund are entrusted to the various projects step by step, through tight monitoring and via Timed-Release contracts, so that the creators adhere to the solid agreements

Token Generate Event ( TGE )

Token Distribution


Token Sale Events


Team /Investors

Mark Jansen

CEO of Emereum ( EME ) Foundation

Expert in Blockchain & AR Technologies, Big Data analyst ,computer science & software developments.

Simon Hancock

Co-Founder, Operations

Product and Service Specialist, 10 years experience in operations and sales.

Beatrice Sumo Kollie

Co-Founder, Marketing

Brand and Marketing Expert, 7 years marketing experience.

Jeffery Koh

Co-Founder, Marketing

10 years experience in marketing field including marketing related information collection and analysis, consulting,promotion activities, customer service, planning and strategies making.

Ishak Ali


10 years of experience writing web and mobile applications. Web-developer with a strong interest in front-end technologies.

Dave Shin

Smart Contract Expert

5+ years experience as enterprise document and data management architect inautomotive, defense and micromechanic sectors.

Graham Rushton

Programmer, Front-end developer

5+ years of experience in design,development and maintenance of web server-side projects, modules and solutions.Passionate about blockchain and AR technologies.

Joe Yaoh

Investor & advisor

15+ years experience an investing on various projects.